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Helpful Tips For Purchasing Waterfront Properties

We have always found a sense of peace being on the Lake.  Together we have spent many days out on the water making memories and have also enjoyed raising our family boating and kayaking.  We have lived and invested in every type of lot imaginable and have found them to be unique and exciting in their own ways. 

If you are searching for a new place to call home, we highly recommend Lake Norman for all that it has to offer.  In our experience we have found that homes located on a lake are typically more valuable than homes that aren’t. While initial costs may be higher, there is greater potential for appreciation with a lakefront home and when the real estate market drops lakefront property also tend to keep more of their value.

Here are a few helpful tips that you should consider if looking for a piece of land or home on Lake Norman.

1. Type – The most important consideration of lakefront property is Type and water depth.  There are three main Types of Residential Lake Properties that you will come across on your search.

  • Waterview- Typically, the least expensive properties may be water-view properties which mean that they don’t border the lake itself but the lake is viewable for a portion of their property. These lots are great for people that want a view of the lake but aren’t interested in maintaining a boat.  There are also lots of local marinas where individuals can store vessels of all sizes allowing access to the water close by.
  • Waterfront/Canoe –Canoe Docking lots are lots that border Lake Norman waters but for a variety of reasons a pier cannot be installed on site.  These lots can be great for people who enjoy canoeing or kayaking but don’t have the desire to maintain motored vessels.  These lots can be found in many locations around the lake and offer unique natural settings.
  • Waterfront/Dockable-  Waterfront/Dockable lots are the most common type of lot that people look for when purchasing a lakefront property.  These lots typically have an existing dock on site or have approval for a pier from Duke Power.  For more information on the Lake Norman FERC Master Plan, please visit:|


2. Shoreline Location–Here are two main location considerations:

  • View- For simplicity, there are two primary views: Cove Views and Main Channel Views.  The value of land increases as the potential view of the main channel increases however there is great value to be had in purchasing a property on a wider cove with great shoreline.   Main channel lots create dynamic views but also come with heavier wind/rain conditions and can be harder on your boat and equipment.

    Lots with wide open views of the main channel are very rare in a natural setting.  Current regulations prevent removal of medium and large trees within 50’ from the high water line  However, if there is a desire to purchase a “wide view” lot on the main channel, another possibility is to purchase and demolish a home
  • Neighborhood– There are many lots on Lake Norman which are part of a HOA or community with amenities.  Certainly added features such as Tennis Courts and Public Pools can be a great added value to your lake property.  On the contrary, there are many larger parcel lots  around LKN that are not part of a HOA and can provide a more secluded/peaceful setting to your lake front home.

3. Shoreline Condition –When it comes to Condition- there are two main considerations:

  • Length– Lots are available on Lake Norman across in many lengths.  In some cases, a cove lot with a wide-open shoreline may be a better value than a main channel lot with a small accessible shoreline.  Typically we have always found that properties with over 100’ shorelines provide great usability and aesthetic for the home.
  • Condition– Not all shorelines are equal.  Some shorelines are gradual entry into water while others are steep/rocky drops.  Additional conditions such as natural beach areas, vegetation, and shoreline stabilization should be considered.  Due to regulations, any modifications to natural shorelines need to be approved by NCDEQ and Duke Energy.

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